Our Approach

We provide local businesses with an opportunity to deliver state of the art branding and community profile in their market area at an economic rate, while providing community facilities with an incremental revenue stream and, where possible, provide useful infrastructure at no cost.

Our Story

We are a Multimedia  company serving GTA and  Founded in 1995, AVA Multimedia  provides Integrated Digital Marketing Solutions to leading companies throughout a variety of industries.

Meet the Team

The AVA team have a wide range of expertise in the field of Multimedia technologies, including Graphic design, website design, photography, digital audio and video production, web-enabled databases, streaming technologies and interactive multimedia authoring.

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Arash Ekbatani

Founder & CEO

Arash Ekbatani is a Canadian Photographer  and media entrepreneur and the CEO of AVA MULTIMEDIA Ltd, a company  focusing on Photography, Videography and Multimedia.


Eric Teagan

Creative Artist

Eric Teagan is Multimedia artists use multiple technologies and artistic methods to create special effects, characters or scenes in film, advertisements, website design, animation or video games.


Timothy Barrett

Multimedia Expert

Timothy Barrett is in charge of Storyboards and plot lines he also created  multimedia story in a video game or animated film. he use his experience in Multimedia to create  different elements like typography, images and music to create unique work.

Next Steps...

We look forward to a successful working relationship with you soon, please contact us and we will provide you with accurate quote.