AVA Multimedia is a full service photography studio that has been operating in Toronto since 1995 . With thousands of satisfied clients, we are one of the most sought after photography service providers in our area.Better product photos and better conceptual corporate photographs used strategically on marketing materials such as company websites and brochures are usually the difference between competitors.


To be an industry leader and an expert in your field, you need to distribute meaningful and creative content to your audience. You need great content on a consistent basis in the way your customers want to interact with. Video is at the core of today most successful marketing campaigns and developing relevant content that is engaging to your customers, creates an online presence that promotes and brings your brand to life.



MC is the complete solution for all media services. We provide full post production services with unsurpassed expertise in both photography and videography. In an industry where people often promise more than they can deliver - we deliver more than we promise.

At AVA , we invest as much time in our personalized customer service as we do in our high-end technology.


Commercial Photography

As visual storytellers, we create impact and vivid photographs that resonate with your target audience. By producing images that hone in on your authentic vision, and on your company’s core values, we help you get noticed ahead of your competitors.

Video Production

Motion Graphic animation videos are becoming a very popular medium for which clients utilize. The advantage being the relatively low cost and the lack of need for a film shoot. If you require a communications piece that is effective and complete with music and voice over a Motion Graphic style animation might be the solution. Matrix combines text and logo images into a fast flowing entertaining piece that gets your message across and is effective on most websites.


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